Hello, my name is Yulya Zhuravleva.
I’m a ceramic artist from Russia currently based in Athens.


I started my clay creating in 2017 and since then it became part of me

and there is no way for me to live without doing it.


That is because for me ceramics is the way: the way of understanding the body,

the soul and the mind. The way to comprehend nature of things.

This is something that helps me to express and share myself with this world.


For sculpting I’m usually using hand-building technique

and for decorating - terra sigillata (ancient technique) with various oxides.

So my key tools are hands and stones, which makes the process and the result even more sacred.

And of course it makes every object one-of-a-kind.


When I create my objects the aim is to evoke emotional appeal.

Their surfaces belong to "here and now", and the same time access the origins.

They are bringing such a warmth and feeling of imperfect perfection into your place

that only handmade clay objects can bring.


Thank you for visiting my place.
This is a friendly space. Please, feel free to contact me for any queries 

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